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Masturbation Tips for Women: 

Shampoo Bottle's Many Uses

Take an empty shampoo bottle. Don't stick it in our anything, just fill it up with warm water, then squirt it on your clit. Also, when it's empty, squeeze it, then put it on your clit. Release it and it'll give a nice good suck.

Shower Head

When you take a bath , sit down and  let the water fill until your tummy. Then unscrew the shower head, so that you have a very strong stream of water directed toward your clit. Open your legs and enjoy. Sometimes I cum this way for 2 minutes.

Dildo Tease

What I like to do is with a dildo, rub it against my clit with a massaging motion. Then I tease myself by putting the head of the dildo inside me then taking it out and rubbing it against my clit again.  I do this until it just drives me crazy until I put the whole dildo inside me.

That's the Spot

Find a smooth curved object (I like to use a butter knife handle) and insert it into your pussy while lightly touching your clit. When you feel you are ready to cum, wiggle the knife handle and push it up until it presses the vagina wall on the pubic hair side and put more pressure on your clit. If you get lucky enough to find your G-spot you will feel like you have a huge cock inside you.

Fingers in Motion 

Put a rubber band or condom over 3 or 4 fingers so they get pushed close  together and on top of each other. Then bang them into yourself. With your other hand you can finger your anus or clitty. 

That's the Spot  (6/6/00)

Find a smooth curved object (I like to use a butter knife handle) and insert it into your pussy while lightly touching your clit. When you feel you are ready to cum, wiggle the knife handle and push it up until it presses the vagina wall on the pubic hair side and put more pressure on your clit. If you get lucky enough to find your G-spot you will feel like you have a huge cock inside you.

Bzzzzzzzz  (6/5/00)

I bought a mini vibrator and can sit anywhere with it in and work and no one knows, the longer it's in the hotter and wetter I get.  Only cost $17.00 whilst in Canada - and it's fantastic.  I cooked dinner for a friend of my husband the other night and no one even guessed why I had such a smile on my face.  A good battery lasts about 6 hours - I can only take it for maybe 4 hours then I've just got to CUMMMMMMMMM!

Pillow Tower  (5/6/00)

When no one is home and I have no way to get caught, I stack 4 or 5 pillows on top of each other. I lay a towel over the top one, and the terrycloth is an amazing stimulator. make sure to use regular bedpillows, as it prolongs the orgasm, and builds you up slowly, allowing for a more powerful climax. Mount the pillows and just rub back and forth, not too much, or you'll numb yourself. You almost don't even slide, it's more of a rocking motion than anything else. As I get to the end, before I climax, I stop, play with my nipples awhile, and start again. I do this a few times. It takes time, but it is all worth it in the end, trust me. when I finish my last "round" I put a small, beanie-baby sized stuffed animal under the top pillow, so I have something a little more firm to ride. use anything as hard as a shoe if you like. Or just use the pillows, it is up to you, you know what you like. The orgasm is intense and amazing

Pillow Saddle (5/6/00)

Stick a couple of pillows on your bed, one on top of the other.  Straddle the mound and simply slide your clit up and down the length of the pillows.  You should be coming in no time. 

Sit on it (4/13/00)

Put a pillow on a chair. Place a Venus butterfly or another battery-operated toy on the pillow.  Straddle the chair so that you can hold on to the back and lower yourself onto your vibrator so that it touches your clit. Turn on your vibrator and move back and forth. Since it's hands free, I've had some knock your socks off orgasms this way! My knees are usually very weak but since I'm sitting down anyway it's no problem.

Rub-a-dub-dub (4/13/00)

Lie in an empty bathtub. Spread your legs wide and turn on the faucet to a lukewarm, yet on the colder side temperature. Scoot down to a position where the constant flow of the water is on your clit. Position your arms so your elbows are holding you up, and I like to keep my hands wedged under my butt (this adds more pressure I think). As you start getting hotter and hotter, change the temperature to more of a hot one, and enjoy! Gives great orgasms almost every time! I don't recommend filling the bathtub up first, this gives too much water and the hot water runs out quickly leaving you with freezing cold left which numbs your clit.

Sit on it (2/6/00)

I like to sit on the washer when it goes really fast and it vibrates  until I can't stand it. I sit on it for at least 5 minutes it feels really good.

Toys 'r' us (1/20/00)

The best is when you use a dildo and a vibrator at the same time. First you start with a little lotion and the dildo. Put the lotion on the dildo and gently insert into your pussy. Then when you start getting really hot, you grab the vibrator and start rubbing your clitoris with it. Try climaxing as many times as you can, the more the better.

Shower fun (1/20/00)

In the shower, get a cucumber or any other long cylindrical object, and stick it inside you (you probably should put a condom on it first).  Take your massaging shower head, put it on the shiatsu setting, aim it at your clit and enjoy!  For the best results, squeeze and then relax your legs to increase the tension.

Flex, relax, flex, relax (1/1/00)

Take your index and middle finger and place them on your clit. Harden the muscles in your legs as much as you can and imagine your hips are being pushed back. Now take the two fingers on your clit and move them back and forth, while still pressing on your clit. Then once you get the hang of it tighten and untighten your legs to give added effect, but not too much. This usually sends me into an orgasm. It's hard to keep this up after the orgasm, but you can place your fingers in a spot slightly above or below your clit to do this again many times.

Portable vibrating stationery (12/30/99)

Do you know those dizzy doodler pens that vibrate and make those squiggly lines?? Well all you do is take one of them and use the end that is flat.  Turn it on and you will be cumming in seconds.  This is a clean and easy way. You can even travel with it!

Don't forget the veggies (12/13/99)

I must have a vegetable fetish.  Often times, I find that a ripened cucumber, squash, or broccoli serve as a good replacement for my husband during his business trips.  I must say each vegetable has its own distinctive feeling.  The cucumber is your typical penis feeling, the squash provides that much wanted girth, and the broccoli (although sometimes messy) provides a unique and tantalizing feeling. P.S. Don't forget to remove them from underneath the bed before he returns.   

Tap, tap, tap (11/28/99)

I like to tap my clit rapidly.  Faster and faster and faster.  It gets me hot, wet, and when I reach the edge, I rub it hard.  Always works.  Always.

Hurts so good (11/28/99)

One thing I like doing is to squeeze my breast down to the tip so that the nipple sticks up proud.   Then I dig the tip of my fingernail into the tip of my nipple and push it down hard so that the nipple disappears into my breast.   It hurts like hell but it is VERY exciting.  Then I suddenly release it and the nipple stands up stiffer than ever.   My whole breast aches and throbs.  Then I do it again.  After a few times, I do it to the other nipple.  Soon both breasts are throbbing with my pulse and my nipples are sort of twitching.  It is SO exciting I get off really quickly after just a few minutes of squeezing my clitoris.

Rushing water (11/22/99)

Lay down in the bath with your legs opened wide. Then open the tap as fast as it goes, (on cold), letting the water run on your clit.  Make sure there is a lot of pressure flowing out of the tap. After a few minutes turn the water to a hotter temperature, being careful not to burn yourself. It feels so great, better then sex or a dildo, but make sure your legs are as wide as they can go for maximum effect.

Look, no hands (11/22/99)

When I get really horny, the lips of my vagina get swollen and my clitoris gets puffy.   When that happens, I can get into a position so that I can sort of trap the ridge of my clitoris between my lips.   By squeezing my thighs together and then releasing them I can get a fantastic sensation round my vulva.   If I keep this movement up, I get even hornier and everything gets even more swollen and slimy.   It means that I can often get off 'hands free' and so I can fondle my breasts and pinch my nipples at the same time.   I can often do this by crossing my legs and pressing my thighs together, and what is more I can often do it in public!   That is the ultimate turn-on!!!   I can also do it while I'm typing - like right now!

Pillow squeeze  (11/7/99)

I like to take a pillow and take one of its corners and twist it so it makes a hard knot. then I put it on my pussy and close my legs very tightly and squeeze.

Oral hygiene (10/29/99)

Take an electric toothbrush (preferably one with varying speeds) and turn it on, moving it around your inner thigh until you get nice and wet.  Without a little lubrication, this can be kind of uncomfortable.  Then bring it right on top of your clit, first to one side, then  the other.  Usually one side of your clitty is more sensitive than the other.  If you REALLY want to drive yourself wild, leave the toothbrush on that side for most of the time.  It really feels divine!

Slow tease (10/24/99)

I always start with my nipples because it makes me really horny. I rub my breasts and pinch or role my nipples between my fingers until they are really hard. If I do that for long enough my clit is twitching before I even touch it. I like to lay on my bed naked and after I play with and stroke my tits and nipples. I start stroking myself down to my pussy. I use baby oil on my hands and pussy and I very lightly begin to tease my pussy and clit by stroking around the sides of my clit while only very lightly touching it. I do this for a while and occasionally rub my clit directly, then go back to light touching and teasing it. I do that for as long as I can stand it, and it really drives my wild. I moan so loud I am afraid of being heard. Finally when I know I can't put off climaxing any longer, I rub my clit good and and hard and it is fantastic.

The pussy pet (10/14/99)

Using enough lube to create a smooth hand-to-pussy connection. Gently pat your clit with your hand flat. Occasionally, hold your hand down, creating pressure and then go back to patting. Eventually, just press and release, not pulling the hand all the way off.

The sandwich

Hold your clit from its base between two fingers with one hand while stroking it with your other hand (either one finger or more rubbing). The pressure of the stroke is up to you, of course, but continue to maintain the sandwich effect while you rub.

One girl in a tub

While you are taking a bath lie on your back with your legs far apart. Then scoot down and let the tub faucet hit your vagina. It feels great!

The shovel

Using a dildo or other object, pretend your toy is a shovel and you are softly digging. With a forward, gliding motion, slide the toy down to your clit, across it and then upward, removing it from your body completely. Repeat over and over and over until you drive yourself crazy.

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